Why Outsource?

Adelaide and Hills Bookkeeping Services offer a range of services but is outsourcing good for your business?

In many small to medium firms the bookkeeping is undertaken in-house by staff taken on for other duties, so passing your bookkeeping to us will free them up to work on the business. These staff may be fitting it in amongst other tasks so are not fully focussed on the bookkeeping which can lead to inadvertent errors. Employees may not have the expertise to properly comply with all the legal obligations your business faces from a bookkeeping perspective. It is also costly to employ staff with attendant overheads. Hiring a professional bookkeeping service passes that risk out of the business. You are an expert in your field, we are experts in ours. We offer efficiency and accuracy without the need to monitor staff.

In choosing a bookkeeping firm ensure they have the qualifications to do the work you require as the law has changed to ensure bookkeepers are more accountable. Bookkeepers (BAS Agents) need to be registered by the Tax Practitioner’s Board and hold current Professional Indemnity Insurance to undertake work on behalf of clients. To be registered there are minimum education and experience requirements. We have both and have more than one registered Agent so in the event one is not available, your work progress is not held up. We are up to date with all the new bookkeeping requirements and lodgement rules. We are Adelaide’s largest bookkeeping firm with a pool of staff. This means that if one staff member leaves, you don’t have to change firms. Continuity of processing and experience in your requirements is preserved. There are also a range of industry specific reporting requirements that we are conversant with.

We are more than just bookkeepers. We offer an independent overview and assistance to help you understand your financials and how your business is operating in a timely manner. We can assist in preparing budgets and reporting against them to see if your business is on track. Our team members have seen many businesses, in many industries, and can pool that information and pass on solutions tailored to your circumstances with confidentiality preserved. Common reasons for business bankruptcy include economic conditions, lack of business ability, excessive drawings and failure to keep proper books - areas where comprehensive and timely financial information can help in identification of problems and assist in prevention. In some cases when the business is in trouble, owners do not want the staff to be aware of the situation, complicating things when internal staff have bookkeeping roles.

Should the business circumstances change we can adapt our services and can assist in the transition. We offer the flexibility to change the frequency and level of services we provide in a responsive way, so you are not impacted financially. With the move to cloud based accounting packages, information can be shared in real time between the business, the bookkeeper and the accountant.

Proper paperwork is a necessity and required by many organisations, from banks when seeking financing, to insurance companies, government bodies and the Australian Taxation Office. Not having what you need, when you need it, adds to the cost of doing business. We can assist in advising what type of information might be required, then collating it. We can also provide an offsite back up of your financial data file in the event that the business copy is destroyed, corrupted or lost and, in consultation with the business, copies of key paperwork for legal obligations. Can you afford to lose your financial information and the time taken to recover it?

Keeping up to date with technology can be costly so we can take away the cost of keeping up to date with the latest accounting package version by doing it for you in our office. We can also cut the cost of having your accountant do the end of year taxation and financial returns by providing comprehensive financial information in the appropriate format.

We are fully independent and not aligned to any franchise, accounting firm or Software Company so our advice is for your business. We work for you, not your accountant or your bank or the ATO.

If you are still not sure if outsourcing your bookkeeping is right for you, contact us and arrange a FREE one hour confidential initial consultation.
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