Our Values

To provide the client with an excellent solution for their bookkeeping needs with friendly, fully trained and reliable staff.

To provide a confidential, professional and reliable service to clients and accountants that complies with current legislation.

To maintain a high level of understanding of software programs by being the best trainers available.
Adelaide and Hills Bookkeeping Services undertakes its mission to assist businesses achieve their goals through providing services underpinned by the following values:

• Support – we foster a supportive work environment where staff are encouraged to develop their skills and expertise. Staff collaborate and discuss their experiences and share new information enhancing the group’s collective knowledge base, resulting in an integrated solution for clients. This environmental culture is extended to the services offered to clients whereby our staff assist them to meet their bookkeeping needs and are both committed and diligent in their approach to achieving this.

• Respect – we treat all clients with respect, integrity, confidentiality and with understanding of their circumstances. We act in a manner that ensures that their best interests are respected and that enables them to comply with all bookkeeping related legal requirements as allowed by law. Respect is also extended to the relationships our clients have with other parties such as accountants, debtors and creditors, and the Australian Taxation Office.

• Professionalism– we take pride in our work and at all times undertake our services to the best of our ability. Bookkeeping services are provided in a timely manner and staff are encouraged to be proactive in their dealings with clients to enhance bookkeeping processes and the financial information available to them. Staff are dependable, knowledgeable, up to date on legislative requirements, conversant with current accounting packages, responsive to client requests and accountable for all their actions.