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Our Team

Megan Ritchie
Megan Ritchie Director
Registered BAS Agent
Accountant (IPA) Institute of Public Accountants
30 + years’ experience
All industry specialties
Deanne Vardon
Deanne Vardon Branch Manager/ Senior Bookkeeper
Certificate III in Accounting
Industry specialties:
Health, Agribusiness, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Not for Profit.
Jan Pyatt
Jan Pyatt Admin Assistant / Bookkeeper
Certificate III in Business Administration,
Certificate II in Retail Services
James Symons
James Symons Accountant/Senior Account Manager / Bookkeeper Accountant (B Commerce)
Industry Specialities:
Retail, Agribusiness, Property & Construction, Small Business.
Bronwyn Norsworthy
Bronwyn Norsworthy Senior Account Manager
Certificate III in Financial Accounting
Industry Specialties:
Retail, Hospitality, Trades, Professional Services.
Natalie Mulraney
Natalie Mulraney Senior Account Manager
Bachelor of Accounting, Tax Accountant, Bachelor of Environmental Toxicology
Industry Specialties:
Retail, Property, Trades, Avation, Lifestyle, Hospitality, Not for Profit.
Mady Nelissen
Mady Nelissen Senior Account Manager
Bookkeeper, Retail Certificate, Degree in Social Work
Industry Specialties:
Retail, Hospitality, Health, Manufacturing, Agribusiness.
Cathy Hann
Cathy Hann Senior Account Manager
Bookkeeper, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Certificate IV in Business
Industry Specialties:
Retail, Hospitality, Not for Profit.
Jess Fennell
Jess Fennell Bookkeeper / Data Entry
Industry Specialties: